Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Easyflirt Review
If you like an online dating experience that's both fun and flirty then EasyFlirt is loaded with extras and could be the perfect site for you.
Easyflirt ScreenshotThe first thing you get to do on this site – and I literally mean the first thing – is to define whether you’re here simply for flirt and a one night stand or looking for a serious relationship. This is very handy if you really do have a sound mind and a clear idea about what you’re looking for as it saves you from timewasters, but could be a bit of a drag if you really just came to have a look, maybe flirt a little, but do not really want to close your door to the possibility of a serious relationship. But once you get in to the site, you can actually choose other options as well, so don’t be alarmed by this.

Setting Up Your Profile & EasyFlirt Points

Creating your profile is relatively simple and straightforward – there’s not much to write yourself, mostly it’s just ticking the right boxes. There are quite a few boxes to tick though as in addition to the usual height-weight-hair colour, you get to answer some more personal questions, like what kind of a plant or animal would you be.
What’s surprising about this is that you actually get to send, receive and most importantly read and reply to emails without subscribing to the full membership. There’s more – as long as you’re a heterosexual woman (meaning a girl wanting to contact guys), you can also use the live chat for free.
Where’s the catch? Well, it turns out the unsubscribed members have to collect points, which give them an opportunity to send messages and 'kisses' – no points, no access either. Once you join, you’ll get 100 points and you can get a few more if you enter your mobile phone number in the site and record your voice sample, which other members are then able to listen to. A great way to get that first sneak preview of how sexy his or her voice sounds! There’s also an option for leaving voice messages for other people, rather than sending them a plain email messages – however, this requires calls to a paid phone number, all calls costing £1.50.

The Search

The search is quite easy to use and extensive as well. However – the whole site takes a little time to get used to and is not all that clear. There’s a LOT of extras, a lot of different features that one can use for flirting, but the way to use them is not made all that clear. Take your time, navigate around and I’m sure you’ll love this site. It’s not for the technically challenged people though, so be warned.


There’s an option for live chat, mobile flirting and something that has been named as a speedflirt – just a quick way of browsing through the possible dates and marking whether you could be interested in meeting them. If you are interested in them and they are interested in you – you’ll both get notified of eachother’s interest and you can then take it from there. Simple! You can also leave vocal messages and if you have left your mobile number, you’ll get a SMS warning of a vocal message waiting for you if one has been left on your site.
The chat in the site is free for ladies to use if they want to chat to the opposite sex – yes, even if they haven’t got a subscription! However, if they’re interested in chatting to girls, they too have to pay first, before they get access to chat. Still, this is a great option for all those girls there – for once you can talk to who you want and when you want without even having to pay anything for it!
Free vs Paid site
The advantages of using the paid site include unlimited access to live chat and written messages, plus an ability to write 10 times longer messages than in the free site. You also get priority validation of your profile and access to customer service. An important thing to note though – girls (looking for guys) can use most of the features for free, including chat and email (to opposite sex only).

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