Thursday, 22 March 2012

Avoiding the Pitfalls of Single Parents Dating

The rules of single parents dating are different and here we look at some of them.
It's not easy to be a single parent and think about dating. Chances are that if you're a single parent, you've been hurt somewhere along the way and you may be wary. Even if you're excited about the prospect of a new relationship, you have more than just yourself to think about.
One thing is for sure, the thought of single parents dating is a little more complicated than simply singles dating. However, if you feel you are ready, you have lots of options. Just google 'single parents dating' to see how many dating sites cater for single parents dating. These dating sites give you immediate access to a whole pool of single parents.
Before you get back on the treadmill, it might be advisable to bear some tips in mind. Here we give you some tips if you feel ready to check out single parents dating.
Single Parents Dating Tip no. 1: Don't make kids a sticky topic From the get go it makes things much easier if you know how your date feels about kids. If they don't have kids find out early on if they want kids. It won' do you any favours hooking up with someone who doesn't have kids and doesn't want them. This is certainly the advantage of single parents dating sites as you know already that the people on there already have kids and know what it feels like.
Single Parents Dating Tip no. 2: Know what you want Do want a parent for your child or do you want a partner for you. If going on a first date, it's pretty daunting to present someone with the idea that you're looking for someone to help you be a parent. That may happen in time but you can't force us. Think about yourself first and make sure the person is right for you.
Single Parents Dating Tip no. 3: Pick the right moment When you are ready to go out on a date, make sure that you have covered all your bases. It may be the first time you've left your kid alone and you don't want to be worrying about him or her while you are out. Your first date is a time to forget about bed times and school runs. Make sure you leave the stresses of parenting behind and enjoy yourself.

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